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Building your Dream Home – Ayres Custom Homes is the only way to go! After years of planning our “Dream House,” my husband, Ron and I were finally ready to find a contractor and get to work. However, after years of planning, we had also heard every horror story about home building jobs from hell, complete with unscrupulous contractors, and a lack of integrity and quality of work.

With this in mind, we began to search for a contractor who could bring our dream to life. After interviewing and researching the work of (and rejecting) every contractor we could find who would work in Mercer County, we were getting desperate when we got a referral for Ayres Custom Homes. What a blessing! We immediately had a personal connection, could relate to each other on this project and were very impressed with their work. We took a deep breath, signed the contract, and hoped for the best (but still planned for the worst as a result of all the previous horror stories we had heard).

To make a long story short, our every expectation was not only met, but exceeded – our dreams were turned into a reality – and it was one of the most enjoyable, rewarding experiences we have ever had.

We got everything we wanted and looked for in a contractor:

  • An able contractor and project planner/manager – Always on top of the process, schedule and cost – answering our questions before we asked them.
  • Capable management of subcontractors who were professional, skilled workers in every line of work required from beginning to end
  • Always available and ready to discuss and recommend options wherever possible whether related to cost or quality. Always making sure we were able to make selections best for our budget and needs
  • And most of all, clear, courteous, timely communication – making sure we understood every step of the way what, how, and why things were being done. No surprises that would add cost to the project. Honesty and integrity.

As I said, the whole process was a joy, we got exactly what we wanted, and never once experienced any of the horrors we had been warned about. We never tire of sharing our beautiful Ayres Custom Homes home with others.

If you want to enjoy one of the most challenging projects you ever undertake – the building of your own home – I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Charlie and Diana Ayres at Ayres Custom Homes as your best possible choice.